I have been,

looking for a job for a while and still do intend to ask around charity shops this week, to do some voluntary work. On the other hand i have just received a message asking for people to be part of the scouts group to work as a team leader my area. This seems pretty interesting. The age groups are beavers - 6-8 and cubs 8-9. It’s something i’d like to help with, i love to help children and participate in certain activity’s. It’s nice to see them learn, make friends and have fun at the same time. I may look at giving them a call :)

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  1. rachelle-oh said: this sounds so good! i did some last year in a day care center for elderly people who had dementia :( it was so cute and fun! heres a website which you may find useful, i don’t know whether you have been on before. do-it.org.uk xxxx
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