i need some advice. i recently realised i have feelings for this guy i know, but i'm pretty certain he doesn't like me back. i think he just sees me as a friend which is making me feel pretty bad about myself. i know it sounds pathetic but its brought up some eating issues i've had in the past. i just wish someone would like me for once and its really getting me down, what can i do?
by Anonymous

Is this guy a friend you’ve known a long time? Or somebody recent. You can’t be so sure he doesn’t like you, however it’s hard when the other person doesn’t feel the same way, but we can’t control that. I’m sure you’re beautiful whom ever you are. With the eating issue, just remain true to yourself, don’t slip back in to habits that wasn’t wanted or then you’ll feel even worse in the long run. Think positive, perhaps speak to the guy and kind of hint at what you’d like to know. Despite your current feeling for him, keep yourself happy and remember there’ll be somebody out there for you, but it’s useless chasing something that isn’t interested. Stay well, look after yourself, get out there, enjoy life, push your worries aside and you’ll see more confidence, what’s the use in being miserable. :) xxx

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