could you post a picture of your closet? and the clothes you have that you made yourself? Do you make your own things a lot? what's your favourite item of clothing you own?
by Anonymous

I just moved house so i haven’t really taken much with me, all the things i have made are back home. I haven’t made an awful lot of my own things, mainly for uni, as while i’m studying i don’t have much time too. I’ve just started a new job, but once i’ve settled into it more i may start to make things while i’m here seen as though i’ve brought my sewing machine and equipment. Favourite piece of clothing, that’s tough as i go through phases of things. I quite like my vintage shirts but my most treasured item are my brogues. They’re battered and bruised and the laces are on their last tether but i love them more than anything. :) (i can take a picture of them if you like)

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