A perfect summers day.

Waking for sunrise, no curtains, windows bare and free. Sounds of nature from afar and your cat purring by your side. Breakfast in the garden with a strong black coffee.
Dressing yourself in all sorts of colourful cloth beneath your feet on your bedroom floor.
No make up, no hair brush.
Meeting your companions in an open field by noon, happy and free.
Singing and dancing in the glistening sun, some sit beneath the tree and relax in the cool of the shade.
Painting each others faces and bodies with paint, braiding each others hair and making flower crowns for one another.
Heads, bodies, faces adorned with love.
So spiritual.
Night begins to fall and they move to a near by lake, it’s still warm and lit by the moon.
They undress and begin to caress the water with their soul.
So calm, so free.
A world to be. 

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