i love fashion, makeup and expression through art. i frequently wear red lipstick and my father recently told me he would rather be put in jail than see me in such clownish things. they want me to be a Dr or lawyer and i want to do something i love. they don't like that i'm different and make it seem like the worst thing i can do is stand out. i want to be an artist, but their anxieties have me worrying. do you have any advice? xx
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Hello. Put you in jail? That’s so harsh, I’m sure it knocked your confidence somewhat with your parents being unsupportive. Yet to some extent i think all parents tend to want their children to have a ‘real career’ when i was at school i did GCSE art and i also wanted to pursue a career and after education within the creative arts. Not just my mother but many other close people told me that it was more of a hobbie and that i couldn’t actually get a real career out of it. I was a little interested in health care too and did that for one year, (i hated it) after that year and then decided enough was enough and that i was going to do something that made ME happy, that I was good at and made me feel good. Even though your parents are against it, this is your life and you should do as you please, it’s your future ahead of you. There is a broader range within the creative arts as for jobs now. Many people set up their own businesses within it too. Its your future not theirs, don’t worry try and talk to them that this is something you’re really interested in, but do make sure that you’re 100% certain that this path is for you. One thing to tell them is that they have clothes on their back and have a wardrobe full of clothes, if fashion didn’t exist who would make clothes for them to wear? Good luck! xxx (sorry this is super long)

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