where do u study fashion? and do u have any tips on entering fashion/fashion textiles at uni? x
by Anonymous

Hello, i study at UCLan (university of central Lancashire) have you been accepted already or still waiting on an interview? If you’ve already been accepted, then your work must be what they’re looking for and a good standard. Just make sure you know that it’s definitely for you and a career you want to pursue. Make sure you keep on top, don’t fall behind and practice practice practice. If you’re doing textiles, i’d say keep a somewhat diary of fabrics (swatches), make a book for them, put them in, label them with what the fabric is and where you got them, as you never know when you may need it again and forgot where and exactly what it was. Practice techniques with sewing, whether it be hand sewn or on the machine. The main thing is to enjoy it, just go with it, i just advice keeping on top of your work and always source where you got something from. :) good luck. X

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